Wigs now available!

Hi everyone!

I am now back from my trip to Huangshan! I have replied to all questions already, so please check your emails. ^_^

Also, I am happy to announce the arrival of cosplay wigs in 13 very unique/rare colors!

Please Click the image below to see the rest of the colours available
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My main LJ is located here: HEKI

I am currently on vacation in South-East Asia and will be posting random cute things that I find in this selling journal in order to help with trip expenses along the way. ^o^

Part of this is also to make it easier for my friends to tell me what stuff they want me to pick up for them. So if you're on my regular LJ's friends list, feel free to bug me to look for specific things for you! ^_^

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Feedback & Comments

If we have completed a transaction, please post a comment for me. If any problems arose, please contact me!

You may also use this section to ask me to help you look for some specific. (I have a lot of free time... lol!)

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